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Hi--I’m Lorine, and I’m not old, I was just young for a long time! I was raised in Wilber, and all my “growing up” years were in Wilber among the Czech descendants, with their traditions and culture. And then I married a Czech! His name is Bob and he also has been young for a long time. He was drafted into the U.S. Army shortly after we were married in 1957 in Wilber and I joined him in West Germany for a few years--not long enough to see the “old country” of Czechoslovakia as it was behind the iron curtain then, but more recently, we have traveled there several times to see Bob’s living relatives in Brezi, Czech Republic. It is truly a beautiful country!

We lived in Lincoln, Bob working 37 years for the local gas company as a locater, and I slaved in law offices. There I learned that my passion is writing, whether it was a case history or a legal brief, and was published several times. I was nationally certified first as a PLS, Professional Legal Secretary, and then nationally as a CLA, Certified Legal Assistant. We spent our “together free time” in various activities in Wilber.

Following our retirements in 1996, we moved back to Wilber and became very active in community projects and organizations. Even while living in Lincoln, we were contributors to the local Wilber newspaper, The Wilber Republican, sending Bob’s photos and my articles, and continued to do so until it became a regional publication. So, it is with joy that we are able to contribute photos, reports and articles to the Slavnosti, and I hope that the readers will enjoy reading them as much as we enjoy providing them.